Future Centre

The Telecom Italia Future Centre finds place in the former convent of San Salvador, a few steps from Rialto, in Venice.
It’s an international research center, also home of the Joint Research Center for Digital Humanities and Future Cities.
In its wide spaces, equipped with modern telecommunication technologies, it hosts meetings and conferences.
It takes part in important Telecom Italia projects, such as "navigare insieme" and "PappanoinWeb", aimed at reducing the digital divide and promoting the most advanced telecommunication technologies.
Its Renaissance cloisters and temporary exhibitions can be visited free of charge throughout the year.
In its spaces are often organized events with free admission, such as scientific and technological meetings, cultural events, festivals and exhibitions.

May 9-16-23 , 2014
Cycles of Meetings ”Friday Art Heritage”

From April 17th, 2014
Exhibition "The origins of Venice" 

April 16, 2014
"Network School Enterprise"

April 7-16, 2014
- Workshops for schools
“From paper to book and from book to Apps”
- Exhibition “From paper to book and from book to Apps”

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